I recently rediscovered my memory card from my family holiday to Portugal. I decided it’s better late than never and to upload all the pictures to a blog! Last year my big family of 12 revisited for a second time, a beautiful Villa in Lagoa Portugal. This suited us very well as we already knew the best places to go and our favourite places to eat. However, this didn’t stop us discovering new places too!
On this day we found a quirky little bar and grill in Lagos called ‘The Garden’. With a huge barbeque, the smell of the food lured us in. It oozed with a chilled, hippie vibe as it was completely outdoors with plants and lanterns draped everywhere.
It felt like we were sitting in the middle of a wild, overgrown, jungle garden (in a good way). As I don’t eat meat I had the veggie chow which tasted amazing. The cocktails were, of course, a hit. I tried a piƱa colada and a strawberry daiquiri which were both so so good!
For my outfit, I chose this relaxed, midi dress from Topshop. With spaghetti straps and the white and blue stripes, I thought it was perfect for a summer evening. Also, this fabric is super lightweight which was perfect as I remember this was an exceptionally hot day. I paired the dress with tan sandals from Newlook, which just goes with almost everything.
Speak soon! Hannah X


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