TAVIRA – The Exploring Day

One day in Portugal Ste and I decided to go off, just the two of us. We went to a place called Tavira which was very pretty and quaint. We walked down cobbled roads and there were flowers everywhere we looked. We had lunch in a restaurant besides a river, I had a fish dish that was soooo tasty!

As we were just walking around we went in a little souvenir shop, in there we was looking through an old travel guide and saw this waterfall lake which looked incredible! It was called Pego Do Inferno and we popped it straight into the sat nav and decided to go and explore. Things were getting  a little suspicious when the main road our sat nav was taking us down had been cut off. So we followed some hand written signs instead leading us through dirt roads with over grown plants everywhere. Eventually we had to park up and walk the rest. There was no signs anymore and we was just trying to use our own initiative on which way to go even though the place looked completely abandoned. I think we was both slightly scared (as we watch way to many horror films) but also very excited with the thought of that beautiful waterfall in our minds.

It felt like we was walking through a jungle, as we walked through the trees it opened up and in front of us was the ‘waterfall lake’ we saw in the travel guide. Except the waterfall had dried up and the water wasn’t as clear as it looked in the book. At first we was a little disappointed but we had so much fun finding this place that was so well hidden. The whole day felt so spontaneous and we felt like little explorers even if it was a bit of a fail in the end.

Speak to you soon!

Hannah X

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Hannah On The Go

The best place in the world to be is in the moment. I am a lover of travel and adventure who enjoys sharing my passion online in the aim to inspire others to see more of the world.

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