I decided to break out of my rut of wearing pretty much only black and white. I want to have a bit more fun with what I wear! I really like these yellow mules from Topshop paired with this lavender skirt. This outfit has definitely got me excited for summer!

Speak soon! Hannah X



We went to Monaco for a long weekend to celebrate Ste’s birthday and valentines day. We had such an amazing time and it is unlike any place I have ever been before. It was very glamorous, quite quiet and not very touristy, which is what we like. The only way I can think of how to describe Monaco is that it looks like a ‘make believe’ land, almost like a village from the game Sims.

We stuck to our usual ‘weekend away tradition’ of walking around all day. Although it did seem a lot more relaxed this time as there were so many beautiful parks and gardens for us to walk through.
Before we went away people told me that there would be a lot of flashy cars and they was not lying! I don’t have the best knowledge when it comes to cars but we saw a lot of Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. Outside one of the restaurants we ate at, there was a Rolls Royce parked up with diamond encrusted wheels! The boats were just as extravagant, I’m sure some of them were bigger than my house!

The night we celebrated valentines day we booked a table at Le Louis XV. It was a real fine dinning experience and one I’ll never forget. The food was out of this world and it really was the most perfect night.

Speak soon! Hannah X


So after spending a day in Milan, Ste and I then got a train and boat trip to Venice. I always say how beautiful Italy is and Venice definitely exceeded expectations. You really get a feel of the culture with the contrast of huge, beautiful buildings and then the cobbled alleyways with little boutique shops. There was the best of both worlds – you could grab an ice cream from a small parlour and opposite would be a huge Prada shop. It was like walking through a maze with the canals winding through Venice. Going on a Gondola (which I may or may not of kept calling a Granola by mistake) was such an amazing experience. It’s a very romantic place and we finished our trip off with a lovely meal in a restaurant on the edge of a canal with flowers and lanterns hung above us.

Speak soon, Hannah X


The monochrome colour palette and clean cut lines of this outfit give a sleek vibe. I love the contrast of the blazer and the casual white trainers. I think the minamalistic ruck sack really finishes off the outfit well.


To celebrate being together for 2 years, Ste and I went away for the weekend to Milan and Venice. We spent the first day in Milan where I was blown away by the architecture, I really do think Italy has the most beautiful buildings. The Duomo Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Shopping centre are right next to each other and are both a must if you visit Milan, I can’t emphasise enough how overwhelmingly amazing they both are. 

The Galleria Vittrorio Emanuele shopping centre was full of luxury brands. We had lunch in there where I had my favourite food – pizza. I couldn’t go to Italy and not try the pizza there and trust me, it did not disappoint!

Speak soon, Hannah X


 Dress – Zara | Belt – Topshop | Sandals – Mango

Not the most interesting outfit I know but sometimes I like to keep it simple. Also the sun was beginning to set and was making everything look so pretty so I had to take advantage of the situation.

I’ve paired this simple black dress from Zara with a tan belt to give it a rustic vibe, I think the messy waves in my hair add to this look.

Speak soon,

Hannah X

TAVIRA – The Exploring Day

One day in Portugal Ste and I decided to go off, just the two of us. We went to a place called Tavira which was very pretty and quaint. We walked down cobbled roads and there were flowers everywhere we looked. We had lunch in a restaurant besides a river, I had a fish dish that was soooo tasty!

As we were just walking around we went in a little souvenir shop, in there we was looking through an old travel guide and saw this waterfall lake which looked incredible! It was called Pego Do Inferno and we popped it straight into the sat nav and decided to go and explore. Things were getting  a little suspicious when the main road our sat nav was taking us down had been cut off. So we followed some hand written signs instead leading us through dirt roads with over grown plants everywhere. Eventually we had to park up and walk the rest. There was no signs anymore and we was just trying to use our own initiative on which way to go even though the place looked completely abandoned. I think we was both slightly scared (as we watch way to many horror films) but also very excited with the thought of that beautiful waterfall in our minds.

It felt like we was walking through a jungle, as we walked through the trees it opened up and in front of us was the ‘waterfall lake’ we saw in the travel guide. Except the waterfall had dried up and the water wasn’t as clear as it looked in the book. At first we was a little disappointed but we had so much fun finding this place that was so well hidden. The whole day felt so spontaneous and we felt like little explorers even if it was a bit of a fail in the end.

Speak to you soon!

Hannah X


I was drawn to the print on this fabric and I knew I would end up pairing the black and white stripes with a red lip. The light weight fabric and loose fit of this dress made it ideal for those hot evenings abroad. I wanted to keep the outfit relaxed and causal so I paired it with a tan belt and sandals.

Dress – Newlook | Sandals – Newlook | Belt – Topshop | Lipstick – Topshop

PORTUGAL | Summer 16

Summer 2016 I went on a family holiday to Lagoa, Portugal. We returned to the same villa that we went to the year before. This suited us well as we already new the best places to go and eat! However that didn’t stop us discovering new places too!

I went with my big family of 12! With 4 of them being children, you can imagine it wasn’t a very relaxing holiday, we had non-stop fun and games. The villa we stayed in had its own pool and tennis courts, which kept us entertained so some days we stayed at the villa having silly lilo races.

The beaches in Portugal are out of this world! I had never seen anything like it before, with cliffs and caves surrounding the beaches it was so picturesque. One day we went on a boat trip exploring the caves and I would say this is a must if you are visiting there. We stopped off inside one cave that had its own tiny beach. Another day, some of us adults went exploring the rocks and caves, we climbed up along them and then jumped off the cliffs into the sea (those who were brave enough).

One day some of us went to the water park which was insane! I’m embarrassed to admit my 11 yr old sister was braver than me. We had so much fun and spent the entire day there and raced back up to have one last go on a slide before it closed.

Aside from the cliff beaches there was also surfing beaches. They were super windy so I would only recommend going if you are going to surf. I tried it for the first time and had so much fun even though I was completely awful. There was another beach not far from there that we had to drive along windy roads on the edge of cliffs to arrive there. We call this the sunset beach. The sun sets directly in the centre and is so beautiful, we had a barbecue there watching the sunset.

I would definitely recommend going here for a family holiday, there was something to do for everyone.

Speak to you soon!

Hannah X


I recently rediscovered my memory card from my family holiday to Portugal. I decided it’s better late than never and to upload all the pictures to a blog! Last year my big family of 12 revisited for a second time, a beautiful Villa in Lagoa Portugal. This suited us very well as we already knew the best places to go and our favourite places to eat. However, this didn’t stop us discovering new places too!
On this day we found a quirky little bar and grill in Lagos called ‘The Garden’. With a huge barbeque, the smell of the food lured us in. It oozed with a chilled, hippie vibe as it was completely outdoors with plants and lanterns draped everywhere.
It felt like we were sitting in the middle of a wild, overgrown, jungle garden (in a good way). As I don’t eat meat I had the veggie chow which tasted amazing. The cocktails were, of course, a hit. I tried a piña colada and a strawberry daiquiri which were both so so good!
For my outfit, I chose this relaxed, midi dress from Topshop. With spaghetti straps and the white and blue stripes, I thought it was perfect for a summer evening. Also, this fabric is super lightweight which was perfect as I remember this was an exceptionally hot day. I paired the dress with tan sandals from Newlook, which just goes with almost everything.
Speak soon! Hannah X