Capo D’orso, Palau


 Spiaggia Le Piscine

Cala Gonone

Ste and I visited the Italian Island Sardinia for a weekend in May. We spent the majority of our time discovering lots of beautiful beaches! There were lots of different types of beaches, some were big open, white sand beaches and others were more hidden and surrounded by trees and rocks. One thing they all had in common was how still and clear the water was. My favourite beach was in Capo D’orso in Palau as we had the entire beach to ourselves. Everywhere we went was really quiet due to us going out of season but it was so peaceful and relaxing. The food was amazing, everywhere we went made stone baked pizzas and I definitely had two a day… every day!

Hannah X


So after spending a day in Milan, Ste and I then got a train and boat trip to Venice. I always say how beautiful Italy is and Venice definitely exceeded expectations. You really get a feel of the culture with the contrast of huge, beautiful buildings and then the cobbled alleyways with little boutique shops. There was the best of both worlds – you could grab an ice cream from a small parlour and opposite would be a huge Prada shop. It was like walking through a maze with the canals winding through Venice. Going on a Gondola (which I may or may not of kept calling a Granola by mistake) was such an amazing experience. It’s a very romantic place and we finished our trip off with a lovely meal in a restaurant on the edge of a canal with flowers and lanterns hung above us.

Speak soon, Hannah X


To celebrate being together for 2 years, Ste and I went away for the weekend to Milan and Venice. We spent the first day in Milan where I was blown away by the architecture, I really do think Italy has the most beautiful buildings. The Duomo Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Shopping centre are right next to each other and are both a must if you visit Milan, I can’t emphasise enough how overwhelmingly amazing they both are. 

The Galleria Vittrorio Emanuele shopping centre was full of luxury brands. We had lunch in there where I had my favourite food – pizza. I couldn’t go to Italy and not try the pizza there and trust me, it did not disappoint!

Speak soon, Hannah X