PORTUGAL | Summer 16

Summer 2016 I went on a family holiday to Lagoa, Portugal. We returned to the same villa that we went to the year before. This suited us well as we already new the best places to go and eat! However that didn’t stop us discovering new places too!

I went with my big family of 12! With 4 of them being children, you can imagine it wasn’t a very relaxing holiday, we had non-stop fun and games. The villa we stayed in had its own pool and tennis courts, which kept us entertained so some days we stayed at the villa having silly lilo races.

The beaches in Portugal are out of this world! I had never seen anything like it before, with cliffs and caves surrounding the beaches it was so picturesque. One day we went on a boat trip exploring the caves and I would say this is a must if you are visiting there. We stopped off inside one cave that had its own tiny beach. Another day, some of us adults went exploring the rocks and caves, we climbed up along them and then jumped off the cliffs into the sea (those who were brave enough).

One day some of us went to the water park which was insane! I’m embarrassed to admit my 11 yr old sister was braver than me. We had so much fun and spent the entire day there and raced back up to have one last go on a slide before it closed.

Aside from the cliff beaches there was also surfing beaches. They were super windy so I would only recommend going if you are going to surf. I tried it for the first time and had so much fun even though I was completely awful. There was another beach not far from there that we had to drive along windy roads on the edge of cliffs to arrive there. We call this the sunset beach. The sun sets directly in the centre and is so beautiful, we had a barbecue there watching the sunset.

I would definitely recommend going here for a family holiday, there was something to do for everyone.

Speak to you soon!

Hannah X